About Us

The All Christian Archive is Independently owned and operated. In its first phase it is operated by A USA PPP LLC until A USA Preservation nonprofit is incorporated.

Paul Wheelhouse, Founding and Chief Archivist
MSLIS Degree with Special Collections Certificate, 2016

Museum Studies Graduate Certificate, 2014

Biblical Geography and History Certificate, Jerusalem University College, 1997

Master of Divinity Degree, 1994

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


Background and the Story of Establishing this Christian Archive

Wheelhouse started collecting Christian resources in the 1980’s because it was my nature to do so. I was made to be an archivist and curator, but it took several years to discover this. God wanted me to get a theological education first and serve in the pastoral ministry so I would compassionately and caringly know the needs of churches. During my first year of pastoral ministry, I realized my second passion of preservation, applied to congregation’s history, and instinctively saving two or three copies of every church worship bulletins, newsletters, church council and congregational reports, publicity, and correspondence that was produced by myself and the various church members.

While pursuing my Museum Studies certificate from a state university, the opportunity arose to serve as an Intern for a 176 year old downtown church’s heritage committee. This was another career pivoting event for P. Wheelhouse. “I knew it from the beginning, even the very first day when sitting in the Heritage Collections/Archive room with the Heritage committee chairman,” He said. “I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence like seldom felt in my life, confirming I was right where God wanted me to be, and I gave it my all and had a very successful internship.” This position that was later named ‘Heritage Collections Manager Intern.’ He gave it his all for not one but for two semesters unpaid internship, commuting two hours for each of the two days a week and  supporting himself teaching a Religion course as an Adjunct Instructor at a community/state college. The year was 2014.

Prior, in 1990, Paul states, “I still clearly remember the day God called me into the ministry.” And when finishing the seminary, earning his M.Div. degree and getting ordained, he served five years in the pastoral ministry. He also took an early sabbatical to study in masters of ancient history degree program at the Christian graduate school on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem (Jerusalem University College).

It was more than six years of various work opportunities including a few government stints and then the ship began to turn more pointedly in the field of archival/museum work. In the year of his museum studies program internship, he joined the Society of American Archivists. It became clear to him, affirmed by advisors in the field, than a MSLIS/MLIS degree should be obtained to be a “curator of manuscripts” or work as an archivist. Within two years, Wheelhouse got into an MLSLIS program. He completed the MSLIS in 2016.

Paralleling his Calling in the 1990’s, he sensed God leading him (or was in humanly his passion?) to work in a Christian college, university, or seminary’s archive or library. Not many months later and after completing his first Christian devotional book manuscript, he became self employed. And not long after that, by 2019, it became clear to him that God was leading him to establish an independent Christian Archive. Afterall, he was also planning to establish an Archive for the American people, all the more so one also for the Body of Christ on earth, independently operated. His business was strategically poised to manage and operate the Archive, building preservation work even into the business name itself: A USA PPP. One P stands for Preservation. A part of the business is to be the steward and manager of the All Christian Archive (until the A USA Preservation nonprofit is incorporated).

The domain for the All Christian Archive was acquired in November 2019. And the website began to be launched in August 2020. In thinking about the name for this Christian Archive for the Body of Christ, he thought it sufficient to have a plain name such as “A Christian Archive.” But in obtaining the domain, as you might guess, www.christianarchive.org was already taken. So he decided to add “all” to be beginning, since it is for the whole Body. After that step was taken, then what naturally came is calling the Archive “All Christian Archive.”