Preserving Your Stories

The digital age and the age of social media has made people and society more aware that we all have a story. Many of us knew this before computers came out! Christians have been living on Earth for two thousand years, and every one has a story! Correction: every One has multiple stories to tell! You have your general bio life story, your family story, your career story, your religious and distinctly Christian story (how nurtured into or converted into the faith), and your witnessing storIES. The quick short stories you may have posted on social media sites, which are for-profit based and managed mostly by UNbelievers, were only snippets and quick drafts.

NOW is the time to sit down and write the real thing and specifically your CHRISTIAN LIFE stories, say, 2-8 pages of your Christian life which includes your general bio and background and family life and living out your faith through your career to the present. Write about the most moving, joyful, and wonderful worship services and Christian conferences or Camp meetings you have ever attended.  And recount your discipling and witnessing stories. Each one may be a story in itself demonstrating that each one of us has MULTIPLE stories in our lives. One story may be how you attempted to raise your children up in the Christian faith.

Then submit your final draft to the All American Archive. This is YOUR Story and so your full name should be one it, and dated. At the top of each page should be your name, the title, and date, and each page numbered at the bottom. Send as as a PDF to the All Christian Archive, and mail in a hard copy. Mailing in the hard copy is important. This is a real Archive which purpose is to PRESERVE YOUR CHRISTIAN stories and other papers, documents, et cetera collectively called “Christian heritage.”


Christian Information and Resource Center


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Christ on the Air: 100 Years of Christian Radio Broadcasting: 1915 – 2015

(Online exhibit in planning stages. We welcome your submissions and input. Please Contact us.)

Biblical and Theological Critique and Analysis of Media/Productions

P. Wheelhouse has been taking notes on movies on the life of Christ and other biblical movies since the early 1990’s. Several in the collection will be analyzed from a biblical and theological perspective and these thoughts summarized. There have been in fact several biblically based movies and television series in the last three + decades, whether on characters such as great Abraham, the man of faith and friend of God, Esther, king David, Jeremiah or the New Testament “A.D.” series. These are also all planned to be critiqued too.
Would you like to critique and submit your critique to the All Christian Archive? We will receive your critique whether you are a young student, a lay person adult of any age, a pastor, missionary, Bible teacher, apostle, bishop, etc. Use the Contact Us page to submit your typed critique preferably as a PDF file.